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Coming Soon 2021

Commencing with students attending grades third through twelfth, the center will be adding opportunity based
internships and trade school training by 2023, and fulfilling the goal of changing the standard.


The Dennard Difference Foundation brings to you: The Dennard Difference Youth Center. This center will provide after school tutoring, college preparation services, mentoring programs for adolescences, and much more!

The Dennard Difference Youth Center is founded on the idea and dream to help serve the youth of our communities and give back to all. Our center is the future, inspiring our youth to make a change. Remember, #BeTheDifference you want to see!

Too many children enter high school below grade-level, and too few experience the acceleration they need to get back on track. With nearly half of the nation's school districts starting the 2020-2021 school year with remote or hybrid learning, the factors that hinder academic and social-emotional success are only intensified.

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